About the Artist

Meet Aisha aka CatBee. As a kid with autism, Aisha finds comfort in spending many hours alone with her coloured pencils everyday, drawing on paper, books and all sorts of surfaces. Her extraordinary ability to focus on the same task for long periods of time allows her to create art pieces that play around with pattern and repetition. Her quiet brilliance and unique way of looking at everyday things are expressed in her quirky characters and colours.

CatBee for Web.008.jpeg

100% Special

CatBee is the brandname for Aisha’s artful creations. Without any formal training, Aisha is blessed with natural art and craft skills. Her art is pure and whimsical - expressed in the way she sees the world through her own lens. Out of the volume of work she has in her collection (she produces by the hundreds each month by the way), we have selected the best designs to be shared via prints on t-shirts and accessories. Her work is scanned and traced, carefully keeping to the original strokes and weight of each drawing before it is printed. Some of the limited edition pieces are personally silkscreened, beaded and sewn by Aisha to add to the authenticity of the work.

My Milk and Honey

CatBee would remain a dream without the help and support of family and friends. Though Aisha may not be able to express her gratitude naturally or openly but I’m sure she would like to thank her sisters Aida, Dianna and Sheila for nurturing her passion in art and for showing her that she can express herself freely and creatively through it. A special shoutout goes to @amiguruMEI who created the oh-so-cute crochet CatBee doll for our launch. And of course, thank you to all who have visited this site (and bought some tees). Spread the word about autism. Better still, give them a hug or say hi. We are not disabled; we are just 100% special.